Triune Tv -  Episode 54 ft. D'zyl 5k1        2/24/17


Join host Triune, as he interviews D'zyl and discusses many interesting current events and ideals.  D'zyl reveals the release date to his latest album, Delusions Of A Commoner, the reasoning behind the title, and his earlier upbringing.

Kwency Jones Show    3/13/17

D'zyl joins hosts Kwency Jones and Doc Lesnar of the Mega Towers to discuss wrestling, life, music, and much more!

The Brand Split ft. Young Baca & Brian Andrew    3/5/17

D'zyl joins hosts Young Baca & Brian Andrew as they recap WWE's Fastline PPV and discuss wrestling, current events, and D'zyl's upcoming album and tour.

"$2 Steaks and Bakersfield" Episode

The B Side Show w/ Hosts Rabbit and Phalasee 3/15/17

D'zyl slides through to the coveted B Side Show to talk new album, balance, album release party info, and performs a new song.

Jack Of All Nerds Show      3/19/17

D'zyl invades the Jack Of All Nerds show w/ hosts Michael and Derrick to discuss Iron Fist, Beauty and the Beast, reviews on old classics, his upcoming album, and play a music related game.

Social Nuisance Podcast     3/22/17

D'zyl joins hosts Imagine and Motion as they discuss debauchery, political issues, performance etiquete, music, and a variety of mayhem.