Who is D'zyl 5k1?


D’zyl 5k1 (pronounced Diesel 5 Thousand 1)…born Daniel Edward Fromm, a man of German and Black descent, as well as being a gemini….fully understands duality and the nature of relativity…especially with music. He boasts of listening to literally almost all types of music and being able to relate and pull from those genres to help mold his own sound. Born in Hollywood, Ca...but raised in a gritty place known as the Inland Empire (San Bernardino), he chose to never let his environment limit his imagination or dictate his future...but rather, inspire it. Primarily a hip hop artist…he believes that he should never be confounded by titles or barriers. He enjoys singing, of all styles, and will even try to sneak in some opera at any chance he can. With a novelist’s wit, he has penned songs for numerous artists, has written a book, a few scripts….there are no limitations to what he can or will do.


D'zyl has opened for Chino XL, Planet Asia, Layzie Bone, X-Clan, Big Daddy Kane, Keith Murray, Ras Kass, Percee P, Bomshot, Coolio, Dirty Birdy, Speak, Reverie, King Magnetic (Army Of The Pharoahs), Bishop Lamont, Big B of Kottonmouth Kings, Afu-Ra, Ahmad, and many more. He has several song placements in various films, has his own beer that was crafted and influenced by his music, has performed at SXSW and countless festivals (including headlining the first ever Community Fest of his hometown, and being among the first rappers to perform at the National Orange Show), and has been in the newspaper on more than a few occassions. He is barely scratching the surface and will continue to spread his therapy to the world in years to come.


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Live At The Brew Rebellion:


D'zyl hosts a monthly series at the San Bernardino location of the Brew Rebellion, a rising microbrewery with product in many stores and their very own show on Amazon Prime! If you would like to perform, recommend an artist, or join the Face On A Bottle contest email: booking@dzyl5k1.com


The Buddy Co-Op Show


Join D'zyl as he interviews musicians, athletes, entrepreneurs and various people of interest while they play a variety of videogames on "Co-Op mode", with increasing levels of difficulty. Subscribe now on youtube to keep up to date with new episodes and updates.




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